Property Investment Analysis Calculators

Negative Gearing Calculator has developed a series of property investment tools and calculators that have been widely used by not only Australian investors but also many overseas investors who are interested in Australian properties. Here is a list of the property investment spreadsheet tools and calculators.

Negative Gearing Calculator Products

Negative Gearing Calculator offers 6 main Excel tools for property investment analysis, recording keeping, mortgage acceleration, and commercial property lease or buy analysis. They all come with free lifetime update!

Ultimate Negative Gearing Calculator

Estimate a portofolio of up to 16 properties in all state;
It can do both P/I and I/O investment loan;
Predict when you can afford your next investment property;
Estimate PPOR, normal, SMSF, NRAS property;
Allow up to 2 (two) investors;
Lifetime FREE update.

Professional Negative Gearing Calculator

Estimate 1 property in any state;
It can do both P/I and I/O investment loan;
Allow up to 4 (four) investors;
Lifetime FREE update.

Standard Negative Gearing Calculator

Estimate 1 property in 1 state (please choose which state when purchasing);
I/O investment loan only;
Allow up to 4 (four) investors;
Lifetime FREE update.

Mortgage Acceleration Calculator

Estiamte how sooner you can pay off the mortgage if you have an offset account;
Lifetime FREE update.

Commercial Property Lease or Buy Analysis Calculator

Compare lease vs purchase options for commercial property;
Lifetime FREE update.

Investment Property Record Keeping Spreadsheet

Up to 50 rental properties;
Up to 50 rental income items;
Up to 200 rental expense items;
Up to 15 years records;
Lifetime FREE update.

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Professional version - v1.0.2024
Ultimate version - v1.0.2024

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Professional version - ~560KB
Ultimate version - ~9,070KB

Microsoft Excel® 2007 & above for Microsoft Windows®
Microsoft Excel 2011 & above for Mac

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All the calculators are built in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You need to have Microsoft Excel 2010 & above and Microsoft Windows to use them.


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