A basic Negative Gearing Calculator is FREE for download. It can show how much you need to invest and how much you may gain when you sell it in the future.

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Negative Gearing Calculator suits different levels of investors with four versions: Free version, Standard version (from $44.99), Professional version (from $64.99), and Ultimate version (from $149.99).

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"I have used the free Negative Gearing Calculator and like it much better than any others I have bought. It focuses on the essential facts and presents them in a much clearer format." - Mark

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Free Negative Gearing Calculator Excel spreadsheet has been downloaded 9,523 times by potential Australian property investors.
Have you tried this free Negative Gearing Calculator - a simple and useful can I afford a negative gearing investment property calculator? You may be surprised to find out that an average Australian can afford to buy a rental property for investment.

New Negative Gearing Calculator website launched.
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