A basic Negative Gearing Calculator is FREE for download. It can show how much you need to invest and how much you may gain when you sell it in the future.

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Negative Gearing Calculator suits different levels of investors with four versions: Free version, Standard version (from $44.99), Professional version (from $64.99), and Ultimate version (from $149.99).

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"I have used the free Negative Gearing Calculator and like it much better than any others I have bought. It focuses on the essential facts and presents them in a much clearer format." - Mark

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Unlock NRAS & PPOR Property Calculator

Purchase an unlock code to unlock the Principal Place of Residence (PPOR) property and NRAS investment property calculator for less than $10.00.

The Professional Negative Gearing Calculator has the ability to estimate both Principal Place of Residence (PPOR) property and National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) investment property. You only need to purchase an unlock code to unlock these functions and it only costs you $9.99 for your personal use. For commercial use, you only need to pay $19.99 to get the unlock code.

How to unlock Primary Residence and NRAS investment property calculation

After you receive the unlock code, you should follow the following steps to unlock the ability to estimate Principal Place of Residence (PPOR) property and National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) investment property.

(1) Open the Professional Negative Gearing Calculator;

(2) Scroll down to Cell N90;

(3) Input the unlock code into Cell N90;

How to unlock PPOR & NRAS investment property calculations

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(4) Save the Professional Investment Property Calculator;

(5) Now you should be able to choose either "Primary Residence" or "NRAS Investment Property" from the Property Purpose drop-down menu (next to Cell D6).

How to use PPOR & NRAS investment property calculations

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The National Rental Affordability Scheme is a long term commitment by the Australian Government to invest in affordable rental housing. The Scheme offers annual Incentives for ten years on the condition that throughout the ten year period the dwelling is rented at 20 per cent below the market rent to eligible low and moderate income households. More information about National Rental Affordability Scheme.

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